Fundamental for the improvement of any business.

By assuring the quality of the products and services that are delivered to your clients and stakeholders, you are separating your business from your competitors. Through the establishment of a quality management system, you are building confidence in your business processes, services and products that will continually improve, no matter the size of your business.

Integris Group Services supports you through the application of existing standards and use well established strategies to improve the performance of your business.

Our Quality Assurance Services

ISO 9001 – Quality Management System Requirements

  • Training your team on the requirements of ISO 9001​
  • Assisting you to achieve ISO 9001 certification​
  • Gap analysis between your current system and achieving certification​
  • Supporting you through external audits​
  • Developing your roadmap to achieving certification​
  • Facilitating Management Review​

Management Systems​

  • Defining the structure for and  implementing  your management system​
  • Establishing your business processes​
  • Developing your documentation (policies, processes, forms and records)​
  • Implementing your document management system​

Internal Auditing & Training​

  • Internal training your internal auditors​
  • Developing your Internal Audit Schedule​
  • Supporting the completion of your internal audits​
  • Conducting Third Party audits

Continual Improvement​

  • Implementing processes for corrective and preventive actions​
  • Implementing processes for opportunities for improvement​
  • Refining and streamlining your business processes​
  • Implementing data for decision making

Leading Our Team:

Stephanie Werner

As Managing Director, Stephanie has over a decade in Quality Assurance and Business Improvement in Rail, Traction, Transport, & Logistics, Education and Manufacturing industries, plus time spent in Public Service. 

Stephanie established SLW Consulting Australia in 2017 and after two years of growth, Integris Group Services Pty Ltd was established in July 2019.

Stephanie's approach is very hands-on, consulting in Quality Assurance, Business Improvement, Processes and Management Systems. Structuring her clients work to enable them to achieve their objectives is why Stephanie has established herself as a sought after expert in her field.

We would love to hear from you to find out how we can support you and your team.